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A family's stories are its most important assets.

Preserve and elevate the stories of your family's elders through Liminal Legacy Media's 

one-of-a-kind radio style experience.

Your Stories,

Your Legacy

Experience the stories and memories of a parent, grandparent, or family elder like you've never experienced them before! 

This immersive auditory experience will not only tell you their stories, Liminal Legacy Media will help you to truly experience them..


Over the course of 3 remote interviews, We'll walk your loved through a process exploring their personal tales and life experiences, capturing their familiar voice in HD audio.

Auditory scenes and soundscapes are then constructed, turning vivid memories into a truly immersive experience.

Arranged chronologically, the stories create a fascinating window into the experiences of the person that stands before you today. The whole production is skillfully edited together and scored with it's own unique custom curated soundtrack, and delivered to you in a commemorative hardwood case.   

With a wink and a nudge, old Radio producers will often tell you, "Audio is your most visual medium." After experiencing a 'Legacy Life History' by Liminal Legacy Media  you'll certainly agree. 


What is the length of the finished product?

Between 1-2 hours. Divided up into digestable segments of 20-30 min. each.

What is the finished format? :

A mini-series, generally divided up into easily digestible 20-30 minute segments, each coinciding with a different phase of life.  

How do you conduct & record interviews?

Do you use Zoom, Skype, etc? :

We ship out an easy to use standalone microphone to capture the interviews in the highest quality possible. Other than that we just use good old fashioned phone calls to conduct interviews in an effort to keep the technology requirements as simple as possible. 

What if I'm not good with Technology? :

No problem! We've designed the process and selected equipment with this in mind. No technical expertise is needed. And we'll guide you through the simple process step by step. 

How much does it cost? :

The Full Legacy Life Story package starts at $1,600.00.  

Email for a custom quote.

Audio Memoir


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