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In hearing each other's stories we become more human. We learn more deeply what it means to truly live. We begin to see each other in a different light when we witness parts our selves in the experiences of another.


Liminal Legacy Media exists to breathe new life into the age-old tradition of oral storytelling. 

Stories are meant to be bold.  They're meant to move the heart. They're meant to connect us, not simply relay a series of facts. We've often become timid in our storytelling, fearing that we might be judged for telling them or simply that nobody will care to listen. Liminal Legacy Media is here to help you tell your stories with confidence. 

Daniel Powell

Owner & Founder

I see the world through story.  We all do to an extent. Stories are how we make sense of the world and what move us through our daily life. What is the story that drives you? As the owner and operator of Liminal Legacy Media, telling good stories is my top priority. What makes a good story? One that engages curiosity, teaches something new, and ideally confronts us with how little we actually know about the world around us and how much we stand to learn.

With an insatiable curiosity, and an ear for details in audio production, I bring my expertise to the table by helping you tell your story in the form of an immersive 'Legacy Life History'. I'm also interested in a variety of other custom audio stories you have to tell. Additionally, I bring you a bi-weekly podcast of the most interesting real life tales and experiences I can dig up.

Growing up with my family in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I learned there is always a new valley to explore, a new hill to climb,  a new winding forest road to drive down. I treat my audio stories and Legacy Life Histories in much the same way. There is always something new to be learned or a new experience to bear witness to.  My motto: "Stay humble & be curious."

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Legacy Life Histories

Connecting families

It all started with a vision to connect families to the stories of their elders and their family lineage in a deeper way: through the retelling and artful reproduction of lived experiences. Our elders are filled with fascinating stories of a world before our time. Often they bear a wealth of family tales that have never been recorded.  

Utilizing expert sound design and building auditory 'scenes' around memories, these audio pieces transport you into the past, making you feel like you're right along side your relatives and elders.  


Arranged in an engaging and easily digestible series of 20-minute episodes, and produced in the format of today's top radio storytelling and reporting programs, a Legacy Life History by Liminal Legacy Media truly immerses you in the experiences of the past. 

To hear samples and learn more click here:


The Podcast

- Coming Soon! -

A highly immersive bi-weekly dose of stories from the real world. Average people with astonishing experiences. 


Everyone individual offers a new perspective on the experience of being human if we merely take the time to listen. The podcast functions as a magnifying glass to discover the extraordinary in the people, places, and events that surround us. 


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