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What's your story?

When it comes to audio storytelling the possibilities are endless...


Throughout our lives, we build a collection of meaningful stories that define us.  Our relationships, accomplishments and many of our profound experiences are often stories that remain untold.  But when these stories are shared, they can uplift us and bring us together in unexpected ways. Liminal Legacy Media offers a creative way to share those stories and bond over the experience. Whether you're ready to record your epic tale, or looking for a special way to celebrate a special friend or partner with a tribute to the memories you've created over the years. 

So what's your story? Liminal Legacy Media can help you tell it.

See some of the possibilities below:


Business or Brand

Tell the story behind your brand, and share the passion you have for your craft with your customers and future clients.


Together we'll create a short audio documentary that will tell the world who you are and what you.

Having trouble figuring out the story behind your brand? The process of creating an Audio Documentary

can help you figure it out.

Years of Marriage

Marriage is a journey: Celebrate and commemorate the years and experiences through an immersive audio documentary recounting the tales of your relationship and looking back on the experiences. 

A great piece for the family archives, which is sure to show the kids a few things they never knew

about Mom and Dad.


Relive Years with Siblings

Remember growing up in a simpler world and learning all about life with your sibling at your side? Share the tales with the family! The wildest stories in our arsenals usually occur with siblings. The process of contemplating and retelling is sure to unearth some nearly forgotten gems. 

Makes a Great Gift!

Tribute to a Friend or Partner

Relive the years with that special friend or partner. Maybe it's the person you've grown the most with, maybe the person you've developed your business with, or maybe it's the one who's gotten you into the most trouble. Where ever there is a relationship between two people, there is always great story, tell yours today. 

Makes a Great Gift!


So what story are you ready to tell? Let's work together. 

Send us a message, and let's make it happen. 

So what story are you ready to tell? Let's work together.


Send us a message, and let's make it happen. 

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